Our Mission - Compassionate Service

I have always strived to approach each soul with compassionate service. This is in respect and deep gratitude for those who have shared their compassion and heart with my own healing. Healing comes in many forms and goes beyond traditional beliefs and methods concerning the physical body. Each mind, body, and spirit are made up of complex cells and matter. Everything is energy. Energy healing work can be an optimal step as part of your medical plan to assist the mind, body, and heart in your healing process.

As the practitioner with loving encouragement and empowerment, I will instill in my clients the knowledge and tools to partake in their own self-exploration and healing. As the practitioner, I will facilitate in the healing and growth of the client so that they may take the tools and knowledge with them to live a life to its fullest potential.



"At my age, there's still more to learn. Rock Lily Place has allowed me an opportunity to learn how to relax not only my body, but my mind as well. The peace and tranquility allows me to achieve a peace within that I've never achieved on my own before. Highly recommend if experiencing any mind or body challenges, to allow yourself to obtain peace and relaxation." - Julia

"My husband and I have been seeing Priscilla for 2 years. She is an amazing Healing Practitioner. We came to Priscilla for help with my husband's pain issues, PTSD, and depression. He has overcome many obstacles with Priscilla's help. As for myself, Priscilla has helped me as a mentor with my own enlightenment. She has helped me spiritually and with my own journey as a healer in the Healing Touch Program. We are forever grateful to Priscilla." - I. Garcia

"My sessions with Priscilla are very relaxing and insightful. I always feel uplifted after each session." - Kathy

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