Our Story

Priscilla Atchison  -
Practitioner, Owner of Rock Lily Place

Before becoming a full time energy medicine practitioner, my husband and I raised two children while traveling the world as a military family.

While settling into a new home and city, I realized I needed support for anxiety that was becoming too difficult to manage on my own. I knew I wanted to explore something gentle and something that encouraged self-reflection. I also made self-care a priority.

A year later, I met a wonderful woman in a yoga class who happened to mention she was a Reiki Master. I knew nothing about Reiki, but after her explanation, I was intrigued and booked a session. After the session, I was hooked! I wanted to know more. This was the beginning of my energy medicine adventure!

Energy medicine not only relieved me of my anxiety, but it was also a catalyst to deep self-exploration and healing. Ten years later, energy medicine continues to be an integral part of my life; not only for self-care, but for study, personal growth and service.

My family and I currently make Colorado our home. I am continually expanding my knowledge through education of various modalities and techniques and with the best teachers ever: my clients.